Benefits of Toppers


  • They are excellent extenders – You can mix the toppers into the dry food of your pet so they can get more servings. As a result, your pet food budget will last you until next month.
  • They provide more variety – the dog food toppers will make them feel like they are eating something different with each meal.
  • They boost nutrition – food toppers contain pomegranates, pumpkin, cranberries, sweet potatoes, blueberries, kale, and carrots.
  • An additional source of protein – You can choose from fish, meat, and poultry. 
  • Good source of antioxidants – Antioxidants refer to the nutrients found in the food to help combat free radicals in your pet’s body. If properly managed, free radicals are harmless. They are only the by-product when your system expends energy, that’s all. However, too many free radicals and they will result in a sickly dog. For example, excessive free radicals can cause indigestion, skin irritation, and poor circulation. In humans, free radicals are linked to cancer.
  • They provide seasoning – with food toppers, they would become less bored when it comes to mealtime.
  • They also contains a special vitamin blend, which depends on the product manufacturer.  The best thing is that the products are specially designed by veterinarians and nutritionists to make sure your dog will get the most out of their nutritional value.