TropiClean Fresh Breath Dental Dog Wipes, 50 count

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You’re ready to hop into action when you catch a whiff of bad breath or see discolored teeth if you have TropiClean’s Fresh Breath Dental Dog Wipes. You can skip the brush and wipe away plaque and tarter with the textured wipes. It makes taking care of your paw-tner’s oral health a walk in the park! Keep them handy so you can address his oral hygiene when a smelly kiss reminds you it’s time to clean his teeth. Plus, they’re purr-fect for cats, too.

Key Benefits
  • Textured wipe helps remove plaque and tartar from your furbaby’s mouth.
  • No brushing needed so taking care of your paw-tner’s oral health is as easy as can be.
  • Oral care is an im-paw-tant part of your pup’s health
  • Proudly made in the USA for our fur-iends who are 12 weeks and older.
  • Includes 50 wipes—paw-fect for regular use and multi-pet households.
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