About us


Welcome to Chow Bella your friendly neighborhood canine social club, featuring a retail store with pet food and treats, self washing and grooming, cafe and a climate controlled indoor dog park.

Saratoga Springs is a growing community that loves their dogs! As a pet owner of two dogs, I am often driving 15-20 minutes to pick up my dog food. There are no local establishments that sell the premium brands I am looking for. Recently, I rescued a dog that has a bit of a nervous nature. She doesn't really trust anyone but me, so having her groomed is out of the question. I started looking for a place to take her where I could wash her myself - the only location in the vicinity was a tub in a closet of a crowded pet food store that catered to all animals. I found that I wasn't the only one having these concerns and challenges. Upon further investigation, I found that our town has a few boarding places and groomers and daycare, but none of these places offered more than one of these options.

Enter Chow Bella! This will be a place that caters to all things dogs! The vision is a retail location that provides high quality dog foods and treats. What makes us different will be everything else! We will offer a salon style grooming facility. This will be a much needed service in our community, and for those of you who just want a place to wash your dog yourself, we will offer several Self-Washing stations! Leave the mess to us!

The thing that will definitely set us apart is the Dog Park. An indoor, climate controlled, play space for you to play with your dog! The social aspect is what I'm most looking forward to. Like-minded dog people will have a place to come and mingle - a safe place to play with your canine companion, as well as shop, learn and bathe.