Meet our Team

Marijo English, the owner/founder, is a 20+ veteran of the entertainment industry. She managed a merchandising business that averaged over $10M a year in revenue, developing a relatively niche market. She brings her passion for growing a new business and her love of pets together to offer something truly special and unique.  She looks forward to finding like-minded individuals to help her grow and develop Chow Bella to be a staple of Saratoga living.

Marijo, and her daughter, Faith, live in Saratoga Springs with their two dogs, Bootsie and Bella, and their cat, Lola.

Pack Leader, Marijo English (and her daughter, Faith)


Lynne is one of the groomers at Chow Bella. She started grooming on her own dog Roxie, a maltipoo, while finishing college and then professionally started about a year ago. She has apprenticed under multiple groomers and has earned her AKC Safe Handling and Skin and Hair 101 Certifications. You can also check out her work on instagram @GroomingGodfrey

Groomer, Lynne Godfrey



Emily is our Dog Park Manager and Dog Trainer. She oversees the dog park and assesses each dog’s behavior to ensure everyone plays safely. She is offering training classes for behavior modification, including puppy and adult obedience and private classes. She has over 4 years of clinical experience as a Licensed Veterinary Technician. She still holds her NYS license and continues to further her education on behavior and training.  During her time as a technician, she specialized in client education, which included everything from behavior and nutrition to dental care and fear free handling. She uses only positive reinforcement techniques for training, which offers a better training experience for you and your dog. You can reach her at [email protected] with any questions.

Park Manager, Emily Lorensen