TropiClean Fresh Breath Advanced Cleaning Rawhide-Free Regular Dental Dog Treats, 8 count

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Support your canine companion’s oral health with TropiClean Fresh Breath Regular Advanced Dental Dog Sticks. These easily digestible, grain-free and gluten-free chews are crafted with natural ingredients like coconut and green tea and feature a fresh vanilla mint flavor to promote fresh breath. While your dog munches on the scrumptious stick, the chewy texture and unique T-shape help remove plaque and tartar! Give your BFF one TropiClean chew a day to encourage healthy teeth, gums and fresher breath. Now, you’ll be able to enjoy all your dog’s kisses without the stink!

Key Benefits
  • No brushing necessary—T-shape design features unique ridges that mimic brushing as your pup chews, helping to fight plaque and tartar.
  • Easily digestible and infused with mineral-based ingredients.
  • Encourages fresh breath with a refreshing vanilla mint flavor and natural ingredients like green tea and coconut.
  • One yummy chew a day can help support your dog’s dental health.
  • Made in the USA without grains or gluten.
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