The Spa at Chow Bella

In addition to full service grooming, The Spa at Chow Bella features 3 self-wash stations. You can bring your dog in and leave the mess for us to clean up! Self wash stations are $15/visit.





Up to 20 lbs

21-45 lbs

46-70 lbs

71-90 lbs

91 lbs & up


Bath & Brush





 $50 and up


Clean Up





$65 and up







$100 and up


Bath & Brush includes:

Shampoo and conditioner, nails clipped and filed, ears cleaned and plucked, blow dry, brush and combed out or deshedding, paw pads shaved and sani shaved.

Clean Up includes:

All the features of the bath and brush plus cleaning up the eyes, shaping up the paw pads, cleaning up the belly and butt area. Perfect for those who keep up on their grooming schedule!

Grooming includes:

All the features of the bath and brush plus a full body clip hairstyle customized to fit you and your pet's needs.


Nail polish …………………………………….$10

Teeth brushing .……………………………....$10


Walk In Services:           1 for $15          2 for $20          3 for $25

    • Ear Cleaning                             Reduces Build up and helps prevent infection
    • Nails Cut and Filed                   The trim prevents painful splitting of the nails and the grind reduces scratches on hardwood floors, furniture and you!  Add polish for $5!
    • Gland expression                     Helps prevent impacted glands
    • Teeth Brushing                        Helps maintain healthy teeth and gums, along with fresh breath!
    • Eye, Feet and Sanitary Trim     All dogs hair/fur grows at a different pace. Some faster than others - this is an easy, quick way to maintain certain areas between grooming appointments.